50% off Magic Speed Cube: The Best Brain Training Game – 3X3 Easy Turning and Smooth Play, Super Durable with Vivid colors, Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea to Expand Your Mind with Hours of Logical Fun.

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– Make brain smart & sharp: Helps seniors avoid brain degeneration and develop the progress of little kids’ memory, how fast could you manage to resolve it?
– Improve your cognitive and problem-solving abilities. It will also teach you many life lessons like patience, perseverance and focus in the process.
– Make the time fun & passing promptly when travelling and waiting, the cube is small enough to put in pocket, it could be carried anywhere you go, it’s something you need for your kids to do in the car or on the airplane.

Were you frustrated with your old cube when the stickers started peeling off & the colors faded? So were we. This next-generation speed cube gives you the most vivid colors and solid stickers – perfect for hour after hour of speed cubing mayhem!
Worried about your cube suddenly jamming on you? Don’t be. The Cube’s internal corners are rounded, which makes it easy to turn. The corners don’t get hung up on each other and turn perfectly. It’s truly the pinnacle of brain-bending fun!

Safety Guaranteed:
Each product you purchase from aSmallFish has met and exceeded the ASTM F963 International Safety Standards (the gold standard for baby product safety). Our aim is to provide not only fun and enjoyable toys but also safe and long lasting products than can be passed on to siblings and friends. We give only the best and top notch quality for your kids and you.

100% Money Back Guarantee
It’s a worry free purchase with 100% risk free money back guarantee and each toy comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

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  • THE NEXT GENERATION MAGIC CUBE – The best designed cube that doesn’t have the flaws of the old designs. It’s good for beginners and those practicing faster cube solving skills. Puzzle solution tips are available online.
  • MAKES QUICKER AND MORE PRECISE TURNS – This standard structure(3x3x3, 56x56x56mm) cube is already super-fast without any extra tuning – exactly what you need – even if you’re a beginner. With improved anti-pop technology and lightning-quick cornering, this handheld device can always keep up with you. The Cube’s internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier & quicker to turn.
  • DURABLE, LONG LASTING WITH A SAFETY CERTIFICATE – This magic speed cube has passed and exceeded the ASTM F963 International Toy Safety Standard. Made of strong materials that won’t break when dropped or in any accidents. The cube will not fall apart after a long time of use or storage. The colors will remain as vivid and vibrant as the day you purchased it.
  • TEASE YOUR BRAIN AND BENEFITS YOUR PRECIOUS ONE – Get more focused and accurate than ever and stave off dementia! This 3D cube acts as a fun, brain sharpening tool, which will keep your mental abilities in tip top shape, it’s actually easier to solve than the traditional Cube. The ultimate game you want to get your hands on.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA WITH WARRANTY- Fidget toy cube makes the perfect gift for anyone – for every occasion! Perfect for kids and adults of all ages for Christmas gifts, office gifts, etc. 3D brain teaser they can take anywhere – even on the airplane! Top notch quality that ensures the toy can be passed on to younger siblings and/or friends. Get 1 YEAR WARRANTY for every purchase of this speed cube. Add one or several Speed Cubes to your cart now!